Naskila Gaming

Naskila Gaming is the latest casino venue to be built in Texas, you will find it in the North of Houston in Livington. It first opened its doors to the public on June the 2nd 2016. This facility is small with just over 30,000 square feet, but this doesn’t mean you’ll have any less fun than the bigger casinos. There are 760 gaming machines to choose from with 24 gaming action. With some of the hottest and most innovative games on offer. And it’s open 24/7, 365 days a year. So if you ready to win some potentially big cash prizes, head down and check it out.


Expect to find some popular casino slot titles amongst the wide range of game selection on offer. Such as ‘Meltdown’, ‘Golden’s Win’, ‘Pac-Man’, ‘Ages & Hogs’, ‘Smokin’ Hot Dice’, ‘Fu Panda’, ‘Daddy Morebucks’ and many more. Check out their website beforehand to see the list of games. And check there’s a suitable one for you! With over 800 to choose from, it’s extremely likely that you’ll find a game you want to play.


One of the best things about Naskila Gaming is the wide range of promotions that they have on offer. Here are a few examples of the promotions on offer:

⦁ HOT SEATS BONUS on St Patricks day (wednesday 17th March, 10AM – 6PM). This promotion offers all customers (that have earnt over 100 points) at Naskila Gaming the opportunity to win up to $500 in Free Play from the ‘Pot O’ Gold’. There is a draw every 30 minutes just to keep things exciting and to give many different people the chance to win. This means 20 people will benefit from this promotion. Generous, eh? They will win either $500, $250, $100 or $50 in freeplay.

⦁ The Wheelie Big Birthday Bonus promotion. This promotion is held on various dates in March or April. It allows anyone with a birthday in either March or April to enter this grand prize draw. There will be five draws on each date. The first pull out = $250, second pull out = $250, third pull out = $500, fourth pull out = $500, fifth pull out = $1,000.

⦁ Phone a Friend Fridays promotion. This promotion is held every single Friday and gives players the opportunity to either $500 in Freeplay and an iphone 12 for you and a friend (who must also be a club member). For every 150 points you have on your membership, you will get one entry to the competition.

⦁ Haute Pursuit promotion – designer purse giveaway. Or the opportunity to pick up some free play. Because who doesn’t want to hit the casino with a pretty new purse? You can either win Micheal Kors, Prada or Louis Vitton purse and $1,000 cash. And $100 or $250 in free play. This promotion will happen once every month – check website for details.

⦁ Punch & Luck promotion. This promotion offers the opportunity to win up to $2,500 in cash prizes. The prize draw will be drawn on all Fridays in March 6 pm – 11 pm. There is two winners announched each hours, so 12 lucky people will get recieve a cash prize every night. Oh and on Friday the 13th the winning prizes will be doubled an incredible 13 times. So for whoever wins on this day, the 13th just got a whole lot luckier. The prize pool contains $100, $500, $1,000, $2,500.

For a small casino, that’s a lot of promotions, right? and these are a few promotions on offer currently. But there are new promotions constantly being added monthly to keep players entertained and rewarded.


Naskila Gaming has two restaurants inside the venue, ‘CAFE ITTO SI’ and ‘Timbers Grille’. So there may not be a lot of dining options but these restaurants feature an extensive menu of delicious food.


CAFE ITTO SI offers American, Mexican, pizza and sandwiches. All food is exceptional here! However, the Mexican stands out to customers. If you fancy an authentic Mexican dish then this restaurant will give you one of the best Mexican feasts you’d probably ever have. Some even say on TripAdvisor that it’s the best Mexican cuisine in the whole of Texas. You can choose from the classics – burritos, tacos, nachos or quesadillas. There are also special traditional dishes such as Sopa de Lima, Cemita Poblana, Chiles en Nogada, tortas, posoles and more. Also, if you’re having too much fun on the casino floor and just want to grab something quick to fuel you the ‘grab and go’ menu of snacks are available.

Timbers Grille

This restaurant is open 7 days a week, 7 am – 11 pm. The best thing about Timbers Grille is definitely the fact that you can get an all-day breakfast. With pancakes, a country breakfast scrambled eggs with any toppings you desire and also many healthy fruit options. The lunch and dinner menu features local popular Texas’ favourites. Such as pork BBQ ribs, fried catfish and shrimp, chicken carbonara, shrimp scampi, grilled salmon and many more tasty dishes.

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